Well, with the company move to a bigger office and my Chief Architect at ADCENTRICITY now actually allowing me to play with my own linux server (yes, despite my focus on advertising, I am a bit of a propeller head), I’ve decided to move my blog to nice new digs on my own server.

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When critics of advertising on Digital Signage decide to crticize our industry, they generally group everything (locations, venue types, positioning, Operator competence/ quality, content quality/relevance, ad quality/relevance, audience, measurement) into one big picture, hang it on the wall and then go to town by throwing darts over their shoulder.

That’s like saying the TV medium failed an ad campaign because household TVs, on average, aren’t big enough…


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Dwell time, Schmell Time! 

Unlike the Nielsen studies on various networks (who shall remain nameless) that have come out recently extolling the idea that consumers sit around for countless hours mindlessly watching that oh-so-engaging Digital Signage content that’s out there, some less partisan studies I’ve been privy to actually support the idea that SOME viewership habits on Digital Signage are more in line with a “glance medium” wherein 3-15 seconds is the most you’ll really get a consumer to be attracted to a display.  Obviously this depends on the dwell time of the venue.